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low in saturated fat

Most people now know the health benefits associated with keeping your level of saturated fat intake under control. Problems occur when foods traditionally seen as healthy contain more saturated fat than you would expect - eating a combination of such foods can lead to an unwittingly high intake.

Offending foods that you consistently consume on a daily basis (such as breakfast cereals) means you could be eating up your GDA before you even get to the front door!

Did you know Bodymatter Organic Oat Crunch is one of the lowest saturated fat 'crunchy' breakfast granolas on the market!

That's because we don't just use vegetable oil . . .

. . . we use Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil

This Autumn, why not try Bodymatter Organic Oat Crunch Original with Late Summer Fruits


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