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Our range of granolas are produced in our bakery in Dorset where we give them a long and gentle bake on heavy baking trays to give a golden, toasted appearance and flavour – something the big boys cannot achieve with their high temperatures and industrial processes.

In this way we preserve much of the nutritional value of the ingredients. Our granolas are some of the lowest saturated fat breakfast granolas on the market.

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Bodymatter was founded in 2005 by Dympna who wanted to produce a granola that not only tasted great but had some health benefits too. Run of the mill shop granolas were full of unhealthy sweeteners and high in fat and salts. The challenge was set to create a morning marvel that broke that status quo.

The Oat Crunch Granola (now Original Granola) was born with all the crunch, taste and health benefits without any of the high fats, sugars or salts!

We now have four naturally delicious and nutritionally beneficial flavours, to suit all palates and morning moods.


 Be Well Do Well…..

Our of emphasis on all things “well” does not just stop at the products we bake. We have a commitment to working on improving our environmental impact in all aspects of our business.

Our oats are sourced from Britain which helps to support British farming and reduces the environmental impact of importing. We also support local farms by distributing any surplus food waste as nutritious animal feed.

We list the recyclable properties of packaging on our products including the fact our granola boxes are widely recyclable. Also, the outer cases we use to transport our delicious goods are made from 70% recycled cardboard.

Although we cannot say it currently, we are continuing to work on solutions to make our packaging fully recyclable. 

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